Give Now
For those who want to make an immediate contribution or just want to set up a recurring gift, WCRH – The Compass offers the convenient option to make a gift via credit card on our secure website.

Give Monthly
Our monthly partner program allows participants to make recurring gifts by credit card.  If you choose to write a monthly check and pray for us at the same time we respond to your initial gift with a convenient self-addressed envelope for monthly giving.  To start the process, send your initial gift to:

WCRH Radio
12146 Cedar Ridge Road
Williamsport,MD 21795

What is a Day Sponsorship?
A Day Sponsorship is a unique way to show your support for WCRH, The Compass by underwriting all the costs for that day. With your donation of $2,000, you can have an entire broadcast day to celebrate the people and occasions that mean the most to you. It also helps continue the programming you enjoy. Half-days are also available for $1,000.

Who can use a Day Sponsorship?
Day Sponsorships may be used by individuals, businesses, or by non-profit organizations. Full day sponsors are recognized 16 times on their selected day with 8 times for half-day sponsors.  Your sponsorship is also acknowledged on our web page.  The WCRH staff will make every effort to accommodate the donor’s Day Sponsorship date request.  However, due to the popularity of certain days, donors are encouraged to reserve their preferred date as early as possible.  Dates must be requested at least 2 working days in advance to ensure adequate production time.  Have a day in mind?  Contact us and we’ll let you know of it’s availability.

How you can use a Day Sponsorship
You will provide a statement that identifies the sponsor (person or organization) and explains the reason for the message (birthday, anniversary, memorial, special event, etc.). The message cannot be so personal that only the parties involved know what is meant.  All Day Sponsorships have a standard opening which is then followed by the name of the sponsor and your message.  Your message must be limited to what can be said in twenty seconds.

What you can and can not do
Anonymous announcements are permitted. However, Day Sponsorships cannot contain calls to action or superlatives. You cannot say, “the best in town” or “number 1 in the area” etc. You can say, “celebrating 20 years serving the local community.” You also cannot say “for information call…” or “come by and see us at…” But, you can say, “information available at…” and “located at…”. WCRH reserves the right to make any necessary changes in order for the message to comply with FCC regulations and station policy.  Please remember that the purpose of a Day Sponsor is to identify individuals or groups who underwrite our daily costs and to help them celebrate a special occasion.

Weather and Business Underwriting
Our weather underwriters are local businesses who help us underwrite a specific weather summary throughout the month.  These announcements run approximately thirty seconds and it is our way of showing thanks to those business partners for their financial support.  If you have an interest in pursuing opportunities for weather underwriting contact us for more information.

Community Business Partners
Listeners in the business community may elect to become part of the Community Business Partners program. This select group of Christ-minded business owners enjoy the benefits of partnering with The Compass while reaching a diverse, Christian audience.  We appreciate these businesses and encourage your patronage to them.

Non-profit concert promoters, organizations, and businesses use these methods to effectively get their message out to our listeners.  We are always happy to discuss with you these opportunities.