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December 10 -3 PM – The Case For Christmas (55:00)  A journalist investigates the identity of the child in the manger.  Lee Strobel asks tough, pointed questions about the birth of Christ.  In this special, Strobel evaluates the evidence of the witnesses, of science, did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God, and the fingerprint evidence of Jesus.

December 16 – 3 PM – The Shepherd’s Prayer (1:20:00)  Author Richard Barry based his fictional tale on the real lives of a group of men we’ve all heard about but typically overlook — the shepherds to whom the angel announced the birth of Jesus. Outside of our kid’s school play, most of us have never given these important Biblical characters a second thought. Yet they were the first to hear the Good News. So what happened to them after that blessed first Christmas?

December 17 – 3 PM –  Candlelight Carols (1:55:00)  From Moody Radio this special features well-loved drama enhanced by professionally-produced multimedia and effects.  Candlelight Carols continues to amaze audiences year after year. The Music Department music ensembles, along with members of Moody’s Speech and Drama Corps create a compelling program sure to delight the whole family.

December 23 – 3 PM – Christmas In The Beginning (55:00) It “started” long before the familiar manger scene—God’s promise of the coming Messiah that would be fulfilled in Bethlehem. In this special, Charles Morris (Haven Today) takes a creative approach to the beloved Christmas story.

December 24 – 3 PM – A Christmas Carol (1:40:00)  It’s Christmas Eve so it is time for the 3-part special from the Charles Dickens classic provides a way for you to bring to your family, your children and grandchildren a message that defines the spirit of the season of Christ’s birth—of His loving compassion.